Some tips to help DJs with the new Wordpress website

Volunteers will make posts to highlight a show, WRIR event, or WRIR announcement.

The most recent 10 posts will display on the home page. During this fund drive period a sticky post is anchored to the homepage above the 10 most recent posts. The Fundraising Committee will manage the content and message of this area through the fund drive.


  • Select a Category for your post so it gets sorted correctly (Djs use "Music Shows" for example).
  • Select the show your post is related to in the "Related to Show" drop down on the right
  • Tags are optional... these can be used for searches.
  • Please do not just dump your playlist into the post; it will clutter up the homepage and will not be included in the weekly playlist report. Use Spinitron to enter playlists and put the link in the box below the blog post body.


In addition to posting during your show, DJs should also make playlists.

Each DJs most recent playlist will automatically be embedded in your post if you insert the Spinitron link properly. An archive of all your playlists and posts will also be available from your DJ and show page. Make sure you have selected the correct "Show" that this playlist is for (Drop down on the right).

For the purpose of reporting our charts, "new" is anything released in the past 12 months. If you are not sure when the album came out in the previous calendar year, go ahead and mark it as "new" anyway.

Entering future posts

When entering a post or playlist for a future show (ex. your show is in 3 days but you want to prepare the playlist), set the publish date to the date and time of your show. This posts will then publish and display on the website when your show starts.

Direct link to a show archive

Pass the SHOWDATE to the player using the following format:

Using an example show that starts on April, 22 @ 7PM would result in 201604221900 (YEAR.MONTH.DAY.24HOURTIME).
This show would have a direct player link of

Change how my name is displayed?

Click on "Profile" in the menu and update your "Nickname" to how you want to be displayed throughout the site. For DJs this would be your DJ name. Once this field is updated, the drop down menu will allow you to select this nickname as "Display publicly as".

While you are editing your profile, fill in your biographical information for display on your individual page.

Each DJ can now edit their own show descriptions!

Once a DJ is assigned to a show you will be able to edit your show yourself. Click on "Shows" and then find yours in the list to edit. You will only have access to edit your assigned show. **If you cannot edit your show, you may not be assigned to your show yet. Please contact operations to be assigned to your show.



Live band schedule

Get a category of posts
(ex. all posts with a category of "Music Shows"):

Submit ticket to request a live engineer, ask a question, or report an issue:

Entering a ticket makes the issue and the solution available to everyone through this dashboard. Emailing operations or an individual doesn't help communicate to the greater volunteer base.

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